About us

SEA FARMS was founded by the merger of the two biggest and most long-standing fish farming companies in Israel. For over 35 years, we have been farming fish on and off shore, in cages, RAS and ponds, researching to improve genetics and methods and feeding millions of fish annually

Our base of knowledge and experience is as wide and deep as the seas in which we operate. Our team consists of construction and technical experts, nutritionists and researchers, and leading aquaculture professionals to accompany you and your company to success.

Fish.il main site is at the port of Ashdod, where we rear 2,000 tons of seabreams along the break-water and a secondary site is at the shore of Michmoret at the north of Israel. In addition, the company holds several test sites and trial facilities across the country, in collaboration with the top academic research institutions.

Aside from our own manufacturing and processing, we are involved in many new projects around the world. The demand for fish has shown the highest growth rate of all animal food sources, and according to FAO will play the most significant role in feeding humanity in years to come. We are ready to take part in this chalenge.